Keeping customers on your website


Keeping customers on your website


Do you know a place so enjoyable that it just keeps you going back there? Your favourite place, with that good atmosphere?

That is great customer experience, and it's probably keeping their business alive. We call this user experience, and we love to implement it on all of our websites.

On top of that, we love usability, "the idea that a normal person should be able to use your products without finding the process frustrating or annoying".

We want your customers to find what they are looking for in a quick and enjoyable manner.

We know that this gets you more sales and visibility, which in turn give life to your business.

Let us make your website a place your customers would visit anytime they'd get the chance.

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Our Values

Divergence believes in continuous improvement.

We want to empower entrepreneurs and help their business skyrocket.

We believe in standing by our client until the job is done, following them at every step.

We love to keep our quality standards high in each and every online experience we deliver.

1. Research

Research is key to take informed decisions.
We look into your marketplace, competitors, possible applications and priorities.

2. Declutter

Less is more. We figure out what is absolutely essential and how to organise it even better.

3. Testing

We need to know how real people will react to the finished products.
The only way is to test it with real users.